Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon has many great ways to save money. The first of which is their Deal of The Day, and Lightening Deals. The Deal of The Day is exactly what it sounds like, a deal that is only offered for that day. Usually they have a limited quantity of the item so it can sell out also. Their deal of the day is all over the map, I've seen batteries, games, electronics, backpacks, movies, well everything on there. It's worth checking out daily! Then there are their Lightening Deals, which can be found in the same section as the Daily Deal. These are again, items from all over the retail world. Shoes, pearls, watches, movies, etc. the only difference is these only last for a few hours, and have an even smaller number available! They sell until they are either sold out, or run out of time. Check here everyday to find out what the Daily Deal is on this Widget.

There are also different "clubs" you can sign up for (free) that can help you save money.
There is Amazon Mom, which is for parents, that offers discounts on things that parents often need the most for young children and babies. Mostly diapers, wipes, and babyfood, but there are some other deals mixed in with those also.
Then there is Amazon Student. Again, not a big surprise but it's for college students. Much like Amazon Mom it gives discounts out for the things that students need most. Including a very nice deal with used textbooks. Allowing you to buy deeply discounted used textbooks, and trade in your old textbooks for up 70% of their value.
Beyond those there is Subscribe and Save. When you are looking at a product you will notice that on many items, there is another price that is cheaper underneath the original price. That is the Subscribe and Save price, which means that you are subscribing to order this product, so many times a year or month in return for a cheaper price. Because this is a recurring charge it will not let you use giftcards because you do have to give out your payment info. But you can also cancel this at any time.
These are the main money saving memberships that you can signup for through Amazon that are free! The main thing to watch with Amazon, is unit price. Yeah $11 for a pack of wipes sounds expensive, but when it's 720 wipes in that package, you have to really break down the numbers. Another thing to watch with them is Shipping and Handling, sometimes it is reasonable, but sometimes it's absolutely ridiculous. Since the seller controls the S&H cost not Amazon it really is up to you keep an eye out and decide if it's worth it for you.