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Prairie Land Food Menu for February

Hopefully you've read my review on Prairie Land Food, and now you want to know what they are offering this month. Also I didn't include this in my review, but I found out that many of the PLF sites offer food swap tables. Meaning if there is a meat item you don't want you could go swap with someone for a different meat item, or veggie for veggie, etc. Not all sites offer these, but many do so don't be afraid to ask! Alright so here's the menu (I'm excited we're getting cheese this month too!):

Prairie Land Food – February 2012
Order date by ~  February 15

Prairie Pak - $25.00
Gortons Fish Sticks – 1 lb
Lean Ground Beef (chub) – 1 lb
Premium Ham Steak  -1 lb
Smithfield Bacon (#1 grade) – 1 lb
Chicken Thighs – 1.5 lbs
(Cheddar or Monterey Jack) – 1 (8 oz) block
a variety of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies included
Due to market conditions and to maintain quality items are subject to change

Meat Only - $14.00

Gortons Fish Sticks – 1 lb
Lean Ground Beef (chub) – 1 lb
Premium Ham Steak  -1 lb
Smithfield Bacon (#1 grade) – 1 lb
Chicken Thighs – 1.5 lbs

Fruit & Veggie - $12.00

(Cheddar or Monterey Jack) – 1 (8 oz) block
a variety of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies

Special #1:  “VARIETY BOX“ - $26.00 2 – Premium Ham Steaks – 1 lb ea
Turkey Medallions – 12 oz
Ground Beef – 1 lb
Tyson Chicken Breast Tenderloins – 1.6 lbs
Pork Roast – 1.5 lbs
California Blend Vegetables – 1 lb bag
Whole Strawberries – 1 lb bag
*all items included in one box for your convenience

Special #2:  “LENTON SPECIAL” - $22.00
Popcorn Shrimp – 1 lb
  Breaded Lemon Pepper Tilapia – 17.6 oz
Haddock Fillets – 1 lb
  Herb Stuffed Tilapia – four / 4 oz
Pollock Fillets – 1 lb

Special #3:  "PIZZA SPECIAL" - $19.00 Back by Popular Demand! 10 (13 oz) Mama Rosas Pizza Grillers
On the Grill or in the Oven  ………….each individually wrapped

Special #4:  "CHOP HOUSE SPECIAL" - $21.00 6 lbs Boneless .Center Cut Pork Chops
approximately 16 (6 oz) chops per box
CHOICE  *requires purchase of any one of the February pkgs. listed above,
add the CHOICE in any quantity to your February order

CHOICE #1:  "Boneless Turkey Breast" - $9.00
Ready to Cook Boneless Turkey Breast - 2.5 lbs

CHOICE #2:  "Marble Cupcakes" - $5.00
4 ~ Marble Cupcakes by our favorite sweet toothfactory …

February Distribution Dates :
Friday ~ February 24
Saturday ~ February 25

Prairie Land Food Review

I'm excited to do this review for all my frugal fans! Prairie Land Food is a great community service that I found awhile back. I had a light bulb moment at the beginning of the month to do a review of it so that I could share this with you guys. They help people in Kansas, and some locations in Nebraska and Oklahoma, get quality food for discount prices. Income doesn't matter, they just want to promote people helping others, and reward them for their good deeds.

I heard about them when I was pregnant with my son; my husband had just been layed off, and things were scary at that time. A lady I worked with told me about this group in Kansas that offered monthly food packages, for a deeply discounted price and a few hours of volunteering. My first two thoughts were: it's a scam, and I don't have time (or energy) to volunteer. She kept talking to me about, and told me to check out their website for myself. I did later that week, and boy am I glad I did.

Now that I've piqued your interest we'll start talking about Prairie Land Food, what they do, and what they believe in. They are a non profit food program for Kansas residents that has been around since 2006. As I mentioned earlier there are NO income guidelines. All they ask is that you do a couple hours volunteer work every month. In return they offer you different food packages (called Prairie Paks) at deeply discounted prices. You can order online, or pay in person. They accept cash, check, debit/credit card payments, and SNAP! If your payday comes after their order by date, talk to one of the great ladies who manage this program, and they will work with you. Generally you order in the first part of the month, and a week or two later they distribute the food. For a full list of their order by, and distribution dates go HERE. You will then go to your local "host site" on distribution day and pick up your order. Simple as that.

I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but it's not. I have personally used this service myself a few times over the last couple years, and I've never been unhappy with it! I've shared this with other friends I know who are struggling, or have friends and family that are struggling, and they've all loved it. The co-worker who shared it with me has been using them for quite awhile.

They are absolutely legit, and you don't need to worry about the food quality. They do not purchase out of date, or, well, shady food :) They have simply worked out deals with local companies to buy bulk food at a discount. Which they then pass on to you!

Next we'll talk about the volunteer service, which I'll admit scared me at first when I heard about it. You don't need a signed statement by your local hospital, or devote hours upon hours to qualify. It's done one the honor system, all they ask is that on your order receipt with something you, or a family member, has done to help out. That's it! If you go HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page you can find a list of things they consider volunteer. A few examples are: carpooling with coworkers, mowing a neighbors yard, calling to check on someone, being a caregiver, babysitting grandchildren, share Prairie Land Food with others (say with Facebook), helping someone move (if you have a truck like me you've probably done that one a few times;) and the list goes on. They just want to promote people helping people, and really I think most of us already do this without realizing it.

Next we'll talk about their Prairie Paks. Every month they will come out with a list of 13 - 14 items, it depends on the market. This includes 5 meat items, and a package of fresh fruits and vegetables. If there is a downside to them, it's that you don't know know what they will offer until they put out their "menu" for the month. Although, I've never been disappointed with their selection. Sometimes they may be offering things that we don't really eat in my house (like fish, yuck!) but they always have other Paks available that I like.

First they offer their main Prairie Pak that includes the 5 meat items, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (usually around 4 different kinds of each) for $25. You'd usually pay $25 for the meat alone! This is a great way to save on meat and produce, which we rarely see coupons for, and I know I'm always looking for ways to save on these items. If you're afraid the produce will go bad, cut it up, cook it, or can it. There are a lot of great ways to make fresh produce last longer, and you still get that great taste and nutrition. On top of that they offer you the option to purchase "meat only" or "fruit & vegetable only" paks. The meat only one is $14, and the fruit and veggie pak is $12. Again, great value. As if that wasn't enough they then offer "Special Paks" every month.

Again, these vary from month to month, but they're usually great freezer items. I've purchased some of these specials and have been happy. Some examples are themed sets for the time, like the holidays, or superbowl, desserts, individually wrapped freezer items (think little pizzas and breakfast burritos) and more. Many times if something is very popular, and people request it again, they will work to get that item again. Prices on these vary, but as with their other paks they are a good value.

Okay, so I realize this was a long post (honest guys I'm working on not being so long winded) but I wanted to do a thorough job of introducing you all to Prairie Land Food. Check out their website HERE, and take a look around for yourself. I will be posting their Menu for February soon after this one. From this month forward I will also start posting their menus for everyone when they come out. I really believe that this is a great service for us, and I'm going to ask everyone a favor. Please share this programs with others after you try it. I know you'll love it like I do, and they want people to order. If you know someone who could benefit from this right now share this post, or give them this link to check it out for themselves. They also have a facebook page go to to "like" them.

Happy Bargain Hunting everyone!

Discount Popchips ~ Amazon Deal of The Day

Amazon's Deal of the Day is on Popchips: Deal of the Day! If you like these you should check this page out. I see some pretty good prices on their 24 packs, and 12 packs. I personally haven't tried these, I'm not of a chip person, so let me know if these are good!

Happy Bargain Hunting

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coupon Fraud: Part 2

In our last post (Coupon Fraud: Part 1) we talked mainly about coupons you normally find in your Sunday paper. But as we couponers know, that is merely one of the places we get our coupons. Our second main source is the internet. Of course every point I made in the last post is just as valid for printable coupons, but there are some added opportunities for the scammers out there. So in this post we're going to talk about these.
            Most coupons have limit on how many you can print. Most are 2 coupons per computer. So if you need more than that you ask friends and family to print them for you. Or if you have more than one computer (say a desktop, and laptop, or the kiddos have their own) you can have a wireless printer and print them from each computer.
a.       This means that you can NOT print of two, and then make copies of those to use! If you think you've received copied coupons, check the upper right hand side. Most have a unique number so that copies can be easily identified. That is coupon fraud my friends.
2.       Most coupons are NOT in PDF form, with unlimited prints. The only company that I’ve ever seen do this is 3M, and they usually have very restrictive use verbiage on them. For example some say “limit one coupon used per day”. Normally coupons are not done this way, and be very suspicious of any you find that are.
a.       Some people actually do make fake coupons online, and that is coupon fraud! But if you get your coupons from a trusted source, like or a manufacturer’s website, than you should be safe. If you’re not sure, don’t print it!
3.       You do not find coupons for FREE products online. Most companies mail you coupons for free products. You could request some coupons for a free product online, but you can’t print them.
a.       This does not apply to Buy One Get One Free coupons. I have found those online, but they still require a purchase to get your free item. Which is the important part to consider when looking at freebie coupons online.
4.       Always consider the source of your printable coupons. As I mentioned earlier there are sites that you can trust, check out my Printable Coupon Homebase (link) for a list. Also, if you find the link to the coupon on the manufacturer website than you should be safe.
a.       Some blogs can report online coupons that are not legit. Whether they do it on purpose or accident isn’t important. What is important is that you do your research. If it seems too good to be true, say $8 off a $10 purchase, than it’s probably fake. Better safe than sorry I say.
5.       Which leads to our last rule of thumb. Internet coupons are not generally high value. Like in the example above, companies just don’t normally put coupons like that online. Again, you could request some coupons from the company via email online, but they will be mailed to you, not printable. Now a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon (like Dollar General puts out) is high value, but the purchase price is your clue that it’s okay.
So just remember that unless you know it came from a trusted site, or the manufacturer website always be careful. Why is this important? What’s the harm if you use a bad coupon? Well, stores can refuse to take online coupons entirely! In fact in my small town neither of our grocery stores takes them, because they were given fraudulent coupons, and weren’t reimbursed. I’ve also heard of other Kansas couponers that have this same issue in their local stores in the rural areas. And when you’re talking small mom and pop stores, they just can’t absorb those losses like the big hitters. This hurts everyone! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Coupon Fraud: Part 1

In one of my earlier posts I briefly mention coupon fraud. I gave the basic definition of what coupon fraud  is simply using your coupons in an illegal way. Hmmmm, it’s pretty vague huh? So I thought in this post we would delve deeper into what that really means.

First let’s talk about why it’s important to even know this. For one coupon fraud is illegal. So yes, if you get caught, you can potentially face charges for it. It also starts a vicious cycle where no one wins. When a coupon is used incorrectly, purposely or not, the company can choose to not reimburse the store. This means that the stores will start making harsher, and stricter coupon policies. Or the company reimburses the store and eat the loss themselves. This leads to them making less valuable, and more restrictive coupons. Either scenario hurts us, the couponer, in that we can’t get the same great deals we did before. So everyone loses.

Remember, it's important to always read your coupon! The important things to look at are: what products you can use the coupon for, any size restrictions it may have, the expiration date, and if it has any restrictions on how many coupons you can use at once. If the coupon say "any product" then feel free to buy whatever product (in that brand) that you want. If it has no size restrictions, feel free to buy the smallest, cheapest size you can. So always, always, always! Read that coupon, if you need some help refer to my earlier post, What The Fine Print On Your Coupon Really Means, for help.

Barcode Reading – Everyone coupon has a unique barcode on it. This barcode tells the machine if the coupon is being used correctly. I won’t explain specifics, because I don’t feel comfortable doing so, but certain numbers on the barcode tell the machine certain things. For example, some numbers match to a specific item (say 4 oz. Crest toothpaste), while another number tells the machine that the coupon is for “any” product. Sometimes the manufacturer puts the “any” number on a coupon that is actually product/size specific. If you intentionally read that barcode and take advantage of their mistake to buy something the coupon was not intended for….. that’s coupon fraud.

Another common misuse is to take coupons that clearly state a size limit, and use them for trial sized products. Again, they know how to read the barcode to know if the coupon will be accepted. This may seem harmless to some, but it’s still coupon fraud!
Here are some examples of this I’ve heard, and seen. 
  • A coupon for a 1 lb. package of lunch meat, as it states on the coupon verbiage, is misused to buy their smaller single serving packages. Which made them free for the shopper, but somebody had to eat that lost money. 
  • Another time there was a Crest Whitestrips coupon for $10 off, some people noticed the “loophole” in the barcode and were using this to purchase toothpaste! So not only were they getting it for free, they were getting paid to break the law. 
Honestly, I consider this shoplifting. The only difference is instead of hiding the product in their purses they trick the store into bagging it up for them! 

There's also another set of words on the coupon that cause some debate as to what is a violation of this and what isn't. That is the "Void if copied, transferred, prohibited, taxed or restricted." and some mention not getting a cash value for coupon. So the debate over this wording is the practices of buying coupons online, and trading coupons. I suppose technically trading coupons with a buddy is considered a "transfer", but I don't worry about it. These companies put out these coupons for people to use, so if my friend is going to trash hers, then they are better off with her giving them to me. She may not buy their product at all, coupon or not. I on the other hand, if I find a good deal, will buy multiples of that item. Yes, their profit margin is smaller per item, but what they sell to me in bulk helps make up for it. If I didn't have those extra coupons, I wouldn't buy that many. 

Next we'll talk about the legalities of buying coupons online. First I have to say, do not buy printable coupons online! The risk that they are fake, copied, or shady is extremely high. If you need extras, ask friends and family, ask a trusted coupon group or forum to trade with you, or even try going to your library and printing them off there (if they let you, and most charge a small per page printing fee). 

You'll notice that most coupon clipping services, and ebay sellers, have a small disclaimer telling you that they are not selling the coupons, they are charging for the time they take to sort, cut and mail them. Fair enough, it does take time (that I don't always have) and allows them a loophole. Honestly, I don't see any problem buying coupons online. Whether it's through a coupon clipping service, or a seller on ebay. The only potential problem is that you may be buying coupons from someone who is stealing inserts. This is more likely on ebay than a service, but then again who knows. Mostly I think it is the Sunday paper sellers that are more worried about these coupon rules than the companies. It's a hard time for print journalism (aka newspapers) and the boost they get from Sunday paper sales is needed for many. This is something that you will have to decide for yourself if you're comfortable with either one, and if you will do them.

So remember to always read your coupon, the words not the barcode, and carefully follow the guidelines they set down. This is the main way that people commit coupon fraud. Of course this can go for coupons you clip from the paper or that you print off the internet. Yet, there are a whole new set of fraudulent uses of internet coupons. In my next post: Coupon Fraud Part 2 (creative I know), will focus on printable internet coupons and what you should watch for and not do. Watch for it tomorrow evening!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best of Menards 1/15 - 1/22

This is the Best of Menards post for this weeks sales at Menards. I pick what I feel are the best deals, and rebates offered for the week and put them in this post. If you're not familiar with Menards and their rebate/coupon policy please read the post here that I did on them.

Best of Menards

Forever Bags - $3 each - $3 mail-in rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 2 packages per household)

Menards T-Shirts - $6 each - $6 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 2 shirts per household)

Digital Thermometers - $8 - $8 rebate (limit 2 thermometers per household)

Hardwood Floor Finisher - $3 each - $3 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 6 bottles per household)

Valley Greene Seed Packets - on sale for 11/.99

30' Tape Measure - $8.99 - $8 rebate= .99 each after rebate (limit 2 tape measures per household)

Picture Frames - $2.99 each - $2 rebate = .99 each after rebate (limit 6 frames total per household)

Rubbermaid Cleaners Caddy - $3.99 each - $2 rebate = $1.99 each after rebate (limit 2 caddies per household)

Cooks Net - $7.99 each - $5 rebate = $2.99 each after rebate (limit 4 per household)

Tool Box 2 piece set - $8.99 each - $4 rebate = $4.99 each after rebate (limit 2 sets per household)

Du Pont Wiper Blades - Buy one get one FREE - Total cost for 2 $3.99

Buy One MasterForce 5 piece pliers set and Get one 6 piece screwdriver set ($13.99 value) for FREE - Total cost $18.99 for pliers set

All Glad on sale, spend $10 on Glad products and get a $3 rebate
or spend $20 and get a $6 rebate 

Buy 2 105 ct Clorox Wipes and receive a $3 rebate

Buy 2 pairs of Wrangler or Riggs Jeans and get a $10 rebate ($18.96 - $26.98 per pair)

As usual there is tons of things in their ad that could be useful for someone remodeling their home. Doesn't seem like they've had much food items go on sale lately, but hopefully soon :) Well, that's it for this weeks Best of Menards. Happy Bargain Hunting Everyone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What The Fine Print On Your Coupon Really Mean

Today I want to talk about how to read, and decode the fine print on your coupon. Most of us have heard the coupon fraud warnings, stories, and dire predictions if people don't stop stop. Hold on, before we go any farther we'll do a quick definition of coupon fraud. Coupon fraud is simply using your coupons in an illegal way. Okay, but WHAT is an illegal way? Well, we'll get more into coupon fraud in a later post, but essential to NOT committing coupon fraud is properly understanding, and using your coupons.

There is some basic wording that is used coupon, to coupon. Which we'll go ahead and cover now.

  • One Coupon Per Purchase - This ones tricky for a lot of beginner couponers, including myself! It does not mean you can only use 1 coupon for an entire TRANSACTION (keep this difference in mind), it means one coupon per ITEM purchased. Of course, if a store wants to offer store specific coupons, and they allow you stack coupons, then that is allowed. But using 2 Manufacturer coupons on 1 item is not.
  • Only X Amount Like Coupons Per Transaction or Trip - This simply means that you are only allowed to use the # of the SAME coupon they say on the coupon per (depending on the wording) transaction or shopping trip. For example: P&G coupons all say "limit 4 LIKE coupons per shopping trip". This means that I can go to Dillons and buy four Crest toothepaste, four Aussie hair shampoo, and four Old Spice bodywash, and use four coupons for each PRODUCT. Not, four P&G coupons total, just ones that are the same. 
    •  Small side note, some coupons say per trip (entire trip to the store) and some say per transaction (cashiers totals your purchases, and you could possibly have another one entirely to do afterward). Just read carefully, and know the difference.
  • One Coupon Used Per Day - This one is weird to me. Not, per shopping trip, or transaction, or even store (which I've never seen it's just an example) but DAY. How the company could even track that I have NO idea???? How do they know if I used one at Walmart, and then went to Target and used one?? Regardless, that is what it says, so that is what I do. 
    • Even if I do think it's a bit harsh, and silly really!
  • Purchase, Transaction, Trip (Oh My!) - Yes, this treading ground we already covered but it's very important to understand the differences very well. 
    • Purchase means the purchase of the ITEM, as in singular. Two items, two coupons, one per item.
    • Transaction is a single transaction in which the cashier scans all your items, and then totals them up. You could have another one (or more) transactions to do after each one is done. Using those handy dividers on the conveyor belt.
    • Shopping Trip is one trip to the store. I know some couponers consider loading their groceries into their vehicle as one shopping trip and then go back in, but I don't like it. 
  • Expiration Date - Always, always, always pay attention to the expiration date on your coupon! Once it's past that magic day, the coupon is DEAD!
    • Some stores take expired coupons within a certain time frame after they expire (say a week) but it's increasingly rare anymore. Always ask your store, or read their coupon policy closely.
    • Also don't just throw those coupons in the trash. Overseas Military families are able to use coupons for up to 6 months after they expire. You can "adopt" an overseas military base and send your coupons there.
  • This isn't fine print but I'm also going to caution everyone to double check really good deals they read about online. Some people purposely commit coupon fraud, and share that with their readers. Good deals happen (after all that's what we couponer's live for) but double check first.
So, why does any of this matter, if it beeps it's fine right? WRONG! This is important because if we don't use these coupons the right way, the company may not reimburse the store for them. Which means stores will be more resistant to coupons, and make tougher and stricter coupon policies. And really, that just hurts everyone. Pull out your glasses if you need them, and make sure you understand what your coupon is telling you before you step out of the house to shop, and everyone wins! Happy bargain hunting everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Storing Your Coupons Binder vs. Box

One of the first decisions you have to make when you begin couponing is how you're going to store, and take them to the store with you. There are two main methods, using a binder, and using a file system (box method). Both have their pros and cons, and this post is going to cover them to help with you with that decision.

Binder Method
This method is fairly straightforward, and is the method I use. You collect your coupons, you get home and cut those coupons out, and then divide them up and put them in a binder. The pro of this system is that you always have your coupons with you when you go to the store. Stores do NOT put all their sale prices in their ads, not mention the clearance sections. So when you find that great bargain you don't want to make another trip to get it, or miss out entirely! This is a pretty big Pro in my mind.
Of course on the flip side there are cons. There are two main complaints I've heard with this system. One is that people have issues with their coupons falling out of the sleeves (if not the binder itself). The other is for people or amass a great amount of coupons the time it takes to cut them is no longer doable. So here's a basic break down of using the binder system.

  1. Buy a binder - You can use whatever you like, but I suggest a large, zippered binder for couponing. If you can find one with a strap, then that's even better!
  2. Buy baseball card sleeves - These are the very basic coupon holding sleeve you need for your binder. They are 3 slots across and 3 slots down, and are generally in the trading card section of a store. Of course there are other options, money sleeves (for coin collectors) hold printable coupons nicely, and there are other sizes and options available if you want.
  3. Divide it up - Have a way of marking different sections for your coupons. That way if you need to find something you can go right to the spot you need. Krazy Coupon Lady has a set of FREE printable dividers you can use if you're a little overwhelmed at the thought of it.
  4. Put like coupons with like coupons - If you're collecting multiple inserts (and you should be), you are going to have a few of the same coupons to cut. When I first started I use to go through each insert separately and cut out the coupons. Then I got smart and started stapling together pages of the insert that were identical, and then cutting the coupons out. Bit time saver there!
  5. Put coupons in binder - Now that they are all cut lay them out, and then put them in their correct spot in your binder.
  6. Take binder to store - Of course the whole point of the binder system is that your coupons are portable and can go with you! 
 So on to the File or Box system. Basically when you get your coupons instead of cutting them out, you put them in a file system, marking the date and insert type (Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, etc.). Then when you are getting ready to shop you pull the insert, cut the coupon, and then put the coupon in an envelope or box to take to the store. Here are the basics

  1. Have a storage place - You will need someone to store your inserts, that can be well organized. A hanging file system would work well for this, with tabs that you can mark the date/type clearly on.
  2. Store match-ups - Since I don't use this system I asked a Kansas couponer who does how they do store match-ups. Basically there are two ways: You follow multiple coupon/deal sites, they usually list the coupon needed for an item and in what insert, and when it came out. Or you can thumb through your inserts to see if you have a coupon for an item. There are also sites that coupon databases you look at (that also list date and type of insert). The two that come to mind are and
  3. Cut coupons - Cut the coupons you will be using for that shopping trip, and put them in an envelope or small box to take to the store with you.
The pros of this system is you don't have to cut every coupon, every time, whether you use it or not! Plus for someone with 100's of insert weekly the idea of cutting out each coupon is just not realistic. Plus, if you're not to keen on lugging around a large binder it's easier to take your coupons to the store with you. The downside of this system is flexibility. You either need to go the store and look for any unadvertised deals you may find, or if you find one while shopping make another trip home for the coupons and then back to the store. 

Largely what system you use is whatever works best for you! Don't be afraid to mix the two together also if that works for you. I use a binder, but I put all the coupons I plan on using in an envelope, and leave my binder in the car. I really don't like carrying it around with me. But if I find a good deal my coupons are still with me. I either go get them before checkout, or after I pay and load the groceries in the car make a quick run back into the store. Another Kansas couponer I talked to cuts her coupons, but she keeps them in an accordion type file that she found fit in the cart better. That way she has all her coupons, but doesn't have the hassle of falling out coupons or a bulky binder. So as I said do what works for you. Pick one you think will work best, and don't be afraid to tweak it to your needs. 

Got any tips for using either system? Leave a comment and let me know! Happy bargain hunting everyone.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of Menards 1/8/12 - 1/22/12

Along with their normal sale Menards is having a special Kitchen & Bath Sale too. So it's worth checking out if you're planning on a kitchen and/or bath remodel. As usual there are a lot of great rebates, and sale prices available, I've just picked the cheapest to free deals. If you're new here, or need a refresher on Menards coupon and rebate policy check out the post I wrote about it. I always suggest looking over their entire ad. Okay, on to the deals!

Chester Bay Mat 20"x30" - $5 - $5 rebate = FREE after mail in rebate (limit 2 mats per household)

Steel Shelf Bracket 12"x8" -- $2.50 each - $2.50 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 10 brackets per household)

20" Hand Saw -- $10 each - $10 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 2 saws per household)

Towel Ring -- $1 each - $1 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 20 Towel rings OR Toilet Paper Holders per household)

Toilet Paper Holder -- $1 each - $1 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 20 towel rings or toilet paper holders per household)

All-Purpose paint brushes -- $5 (3" trim brush or 2" angle sash) each - $5 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 4 brushes per household)

Bix Instant TSP tablets-- $3 each - $3 rebate = FREE after rebate (limit 2 packets per household)

Thermal Socks 2 pack -- $3.49 each - $2.50 rebate = .99 each after rebate (limit 2 packs per household)

Grout Sealer -- $3.99 each - $3 rebate = .99 each after rebate (limit 3 cans per household)

Screwdriver set 7 piece -- $5.99 each - $5 rebate = .99 each after rebate (limit 2 sets per household)

Floor Registers-- $2.99 each - $2 rebate = .99 each after rebate (limit 6 registers per household)

4 1/4" Micro Clamp 2 piece Set-- $7.99 each - $5 rebate = $2.99 after rebate (limit 2 clamp sets per household)

Interior Flat Paint -- $11.99 each - Buy One Get One Free = $5.99 each (gallon cans, in white, antique white or ceiling white)

Nexcare Non-Stick Pads - Buy one @ $1.99 and get one Nexcare waterproof tape (.99 value) for FREE

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion 6.8 oz -- $5.29 each Deal Buy One Get One Free = $2.65 each

So there are best deals I found in their ad, feel free to browse through it yourself and see if there is anything useful in there I didn't mention. Quick story: My mom has been shopping there for around 4 months because she is working on her house. Last month she was able to walk into the store and buy almost $400 worth of merchandise, for only $50 out of her pocket! She had been saving her rebates for items that they didn't really put on sale, or offer rebates on, and it paid off for her. So, they are worth it if you have the patience. Happy bargain hunting everyone!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

(DEAD) Amazon Deal of The Day: At Least 50% off H&R Block Home Tax Software


Just in time for tax season, Amazon has come out with their Deal of the Day! At least 50% off of select boxed, and download versions of H&R Block At Home tax software! I picked the cheapest one, it's 51% off, just for an example for everyone. The price was about the same that I pay a website (Taxslayer) every year to do mine, so not a bad deal. This was the cheapest H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe - 6.99 Save 8!!6.99 Save 86.99 Save 86.99 Save 6.99  ( ignore the wonky link, I can't seem to make it normal). It's $16.99, and you save $18. Take your time, see what, if any of them, you would use/need, and see if it's cheaper for you to go this route. Happy bargain hunting everyone.

Top 7 Tips to Survive A Bad Checkout

We’ve all heard the horror stories, even if it’s never happened to us. A nasty cashier who sneers at your coupons, a coupon that won’t scan when you KNOW it’s right, a manager that treats their customer badly, yep we’ve heard those stories. Personally, I cringe a little reading other’s bad experiences, and then think. What would I do in that situation? With the help of some suggestions by fans, and other coupon group members, I’ve come up with 7 tips to help you through, if it should ever happen to you!
1.       Knowledge Is Power- Know your stores coupon policy! Print it off if you can find it online, or ask the store for a copy, and keep it with you when you shop. Many store employees are not as knowledgeable about their coupon policy as you are, so have the proof to back up your words. Of course along that same line is……
2.       Know Your Coupon- Always carefully, and fully, read the verbiage on the coupon. That way if there is an issue with it scanning, you KNOW that it is correct! Neither of these matter though if you don’t…..
3.       Stand Your Ground- You know the stores policy (and you have the paper to prove it), you know you used the coupon in the correct way, so don’t be afraid to speak up! You are the paying customer, and you have the right for the store to honor its own policy. There is a right way to do it and that’s to…..
4.       Remain Calm- I know it’s hard, the blood starts pumping, your palms get sweaty, and you get defensive. Just take a deep breath, and keep an even tone. If you become confrontational, defensive, or aggressive the employees with follow you lead. On the flip side of that is to….
5.       Do Not Sink to Their Level- For whatever reason you will occasionally find someone who will be rude, confrontational, or even aggressive with you over this! It’s very hard to take the high road in that situation, but if you don’t you are only validating every misconception they have about you already. Maybe they’ll calm down, maybe they won’t, but you can be proud of your actions. Plus you always know that you can….
6.       Go Higher Up the Food Chain- If it’s a cashier (or they seem unsure what to do), ask for the manager. That’s what they’re there for, the customers and their needs! If it’s a problem with the manager, find the number for their corporate office. Don’t be afraid to send an email, lodge a formal complaint, or even (I read about one woman doing this!) call right there in the checkout lane. Again, that’s what they are there for, you, the customer. Sometimes, no matter what, you have to……
7.       Be Prepared to Walk Away- Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, for one reason or another the problem can’t be resolved. In that case you have to be ready to walk away. I’ll admit that this step is the hardest for me, and I’m still working on it (luckily I haven’t had to work on it often). Just remember that you came for a deal, and unless it’s worth it without the coupon, then you don’t want it. It will go on sale again, and you will get it then!
So there it is; my top 7 tips to survive a disastrous checkout. If you’ve got another tip to share, please feel free, we all have our little tricks we use to get through. Hey, if you’ve got a story about a bad checkout, tell that too! Hope this helps, and happy bargain hunting everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Free "Organize Your Life" Kindle ebook via Amazon

Here's a great freebie for anyone with a Kindle. I don't have one :( but if I did this would be great to have! It's normally $14.99!! Follow this link Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life FREE for Kindle!! for your free copy!

Thanks Xtreme Couponing with DeeDee

11% Rebate on EVERYTHING @ Menards (until 1/8/12)

In celebration of the New Year Menards is having a sale, plus you get a 11% rebate on every item bought! Since the rebate is store wide I don't have any specific deals to post, but if you're wanting to remodel, or just need some dog food ;) here's a good deal.
There is an additional 10% on all hardwood boards to go with the rebate. They also have their Duracore doors on sale to go with the rebate. So it's worth checking out! I'm going to include the sale rules they had in their ad for everyone.
"Rebate is in form of merchandise credit check. Excludes gift cards, online purchases, delivery and handling charges, all rental items and extended service agreements. Limited to stock on hand. No rain checks. First come, first served. Arrangements must be made for immediate pick up or delivery. Sorry, no pre-paids, no holding merchandise, no layaways, no prior sale price adjustments. Future sale adjustments will void the 11% rebate on the items adjusted. Rebate does not extend to the special ordering of any normally stocked items. Not good with any other coupons or offers except Menards coupons, Menards rebates, and manufacturers coupons. Not valid on prior purchases. Menards reservves the right to limit purchases of any and all items to reasonable job lot quantities."
Whew! So there you go, the Menards 11% rebate on everything sale.