Build Your Stockpile $20 - $15 A Week!

         Starting out couponing and starting your stockpile can be the most expensive time in your couponing career. Now that may sound funny, after all the whole point of using coupons is SAVE money, and you will! But it takes time.

Remember that when you start you are not only trying to buy extra things to build your stockpile, you are still buying things that you NEED. One of the greatest tips I found when starting out was to take a small amount, say $10 or $20 a week and set it aside solely for the purpose of buying cheap items to stock your stockpile.

There are plenty of everyday items you will find that come up free, or almost free, every week. I've gotten toothpaste, pasta, deodorant, and many more items free. There are also others I've gotten for pennies on the dollar! Who doesn't need hand soap for .20 a bottle, or Dawn dish detergent for .50 each?

In the beginning you won't get entire meals, or everything you need right that moment with your money. That's OK. You will notice that eventually you will have more and more of what you need right on hand. Once that happens you'll spend less and less at the grocery store (or drugstore), and buy more and more with your coupons. Which is when the real savings begin!

Don't be afraid to start small with your coupons. The reward in the end will be worth your patience in the beginning. Good luck, and happy bargain hunting.