Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best of Menards (8.28 - 9.11)

Okay, so Menards had a HUGE sale ad this Sunday, and it runs until the 11th of September! Inside their ad was another ad for their clearance items. Which, surprisingly, included some rebate items!! The think remember to about these prices is that they reflect AFTER rebate cost. Menards rebates are done through snail mail (a little archaic I know), and after 4-6 weeks you will receive a credit voucher that is good for in-store credit @ Menards only. I love their huge selection, and you would be surprised at what you can find. Just a warning; this list is long.
Menards Clearance Ad
  • 16 oz Wood Claw Hammer - $3 - $3 mail-in rebate= Free after rebate (limit 2 hammers per household)
  • Retractable Utility Knife - sale $2 - $2 mail in rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 2 per household)
  • Tool band-it Magnetic Arm Band - sale $4 - $4 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 1 per household)
  • Nelson 32" Watering Wand - sale $7 - $7 rebate = (limit 2 per household)
Sale Ad Aug 38 - Sept. 11
  • 4" Poly Stain/Paint brush - $5 - $5 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 2 per household)
  • Interior flat paint - $11 - $11 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 11 gallons per household)
  • 32 oz bottle House Wash - $6 - $6 rebate= Free after rebate ( limit 4 bottles per household)
  • 1 gallon Driveway cleaner & Degreaser - $5 - $5 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 4 gallons per household)
  • Floor tile tray - $25 - $25 rebate = Free after rebate (limit ten 12pks per household)
  • Battery Storage Rack - $8 - $8 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 2 per household)
  • TIGI hair Products - $9 - $9 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 4 products per household)
  • Totter Stopper (fixes wobbly furniture) - $3.09 - $3 rebate = .09 each after rebate (limit 2 per household)
  • Glass watering sphere - $4.19 each - $4 = .19 each after rebate (limit 6 spheres per household)
  • 12"x8" steel shelf bracket - $2.79 - $2.50 rebate = .29 each after rebate (limit 10 brackets per household)
  • 20 piece box Super Hook - $3.44 -$3 rebate = .44 each after rebate (limit 4 boxes per household)
  • Digital thermometers - $7.88 - $7 rebate = .88 each after rebate (limit 4 per household)
  • Home/Auto wet wipes - sale .49 each
  • 20 pk batteries - $4.99 - $4 rebate = .99 each (limit four 20pk boxes per household)
  • 8 oz hardwood floor finisher - $3.49 - $3 rebate = .49 each after rebate (limit 5 bottles per household)
  • Smart Caulk tool - $8 - $7 = $1 after rebate (limit 2 per household)
  • 200 ct boxes Brawny shop towels - $6.99 - $5 rebate = $1.99 after rebate (limit 2 boxes per household)
  • 4pk Window & Door caulk - $4.94 - $3 rebate = $1.94 (limit three 4pks per household)
  • PetJet washer - $16.99 - $15 rebate n= $1.99 each (limit 2 per household)
  • 12 pk Microfiber towels - $6.99 - $5 rebate = $1.99 after rebate (limit two 12pks per household)
These are just the cheapest deals I found under $2 in the ad. If you are looking to make some home improvements, or projects look over their entire ad week to week. They are almost always running more rebate deals on those items, as well as higher ticket items for around the home.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disney Vitamens $1.74 @ Target

I've been waiting on a good deal for these, and my patience has paid off! has a printable coupon for $1/1 Disney Vitamen, combine that with the $2 Printable coupon fro RedPlum, and you can score these @ Target for $1.74 each!!

Disney Gummy Vitaments 66ct - $4.74
- $2/1 Disney Vitamens, Any (
-$1/1 Disney Gummy Vitamens Target printable coupon
Final Price: $1.74

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers .50 @ Home Depot

Home Depot has the Trial Size of Mr. Clean magic erasers for only $1. Use the new P&G coupon that came out sunday for .50/1 Mr. Clean magic eraser and score some for only .50!! I didn't even know they had a Trial Size for this product, but according to the Krazy Coupon Lady they do! Happy hunting.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Trial Size - $1
- .50/1 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers P&G 8/28 (limit four LIKE coupons per transaction)
Final Price: .50 each

Sunday, August 28, 2011

FREE target Beauty Bag

Target is giving away a FREE Beauty Bag filled with beauty samples (and hopefully some coupons)!! Go HERE to request yours!

Thanks Coupon Mamacita

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Pick Another Check Out Lane Honey" Book Review

On my quest to learn couponing I've read two books so far. The first was written by "Coupon Mom" who was featured on Oprah, but I wasn't that happy with the book. I also felt some of what she wrote about was bit dated for the current coupon climate. So I decided to read the "Krazy Coupon Lady" book, "Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey". If you watch TLC's "Extreme Couponers" she was on it, along with her co-auther and friend. Together they have written an awesome book.
This is a great book for beginners, and really even for someone who's been doing this for awhile. They covers absolutely anything a couponer needs to know. From helping you find your coupons, tips for your stock-pile, and helping you through checkout and grumpy checkers. They also have a section to help with your finances. It covers the basics really, but it is a well written chapter. If I had any complaint with the book, it's only that sometimes her writing was a bit perky for my tastes. That's really a literary issue though, and doesn't have any bearing on the content of the book.
I loved this book so much I decided to have a special giveaway with it! For this giveaway to happen two things have to be done first.
1. The Kansas Coupons Facebook page must hit 100 fans. We're already at 83, so that shouldn't take two long.
2. If you want to be entered to win you will have to leave a comment ON THIS POST, not the facebook page.
When all that is done I will randomly choose 2 people from the comments to win a book. I ordered 2 books, so 2 people will win from this.
If you want to order Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Save Big Money & Make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk! instead of waiting, click this link to order one for 10.98

$15 Stockpile list (8.26.11)

Okay so this list will include 2 stores: Walmart and Dillons. There are two free things we can get @ Dillons, and Walmart has a great cat food deal going, so I will admit that a lot of the cost in this list is from that. If you don't have cats though that leave you some wiggle room to put something else in there. As I've said, this is a list of things I actually will get for myself, although I sometimes put in products I don't use, but know others doFirst we'll list the two freebies from Dillons this week. One coupon I don't believe we got (I don't have it) so you might have to order it. Or trade for it.


Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy- $1
- .75/1 coupon (RP 7/25) will double to $1
Final Price: FREE

GUM Kids Toothebrush (2pk) - $1
-.55/1 coupon will double to $1
Final Price: FREE

15 Purina One Beyond Cat Food (small size) - $2.57
- $2/1 Any Purina One cat food (SS 8/21)
Final Price: $5.70 for 15 (.57 each) (I told you it was a lot of cat food)

4 French's Honey Mustard - $1.50 each
-.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $3 for all four (.75 each)

10 Viva Single Roll Paper Towels - $1
- .40/1 coupon (Expires 8/28 )
Final Price: $6 (.60 each)

Total Cost: $14.70 pre-tax

Normally I would try to have more items on my list, but with 2 products for free I allowed myself to get more of a couple items I really need in my home. Warning! The coupon for the Viva paper towels expires on the 28th of this month, this Sunday! So if you want that item you gotta hustle a little.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

FREE Veet Wax Strips @ Walgreens

Thanks to Couponing to Disney for picture and this great deal!

Veet Ready To Use Wax STrips on sale @ Walgreens - $2.99
-$3/1 printable coupon
Final Price: FREE

2 FREE Days @ Wichita Zoo!!

This weekend is The Sedgwick Country Zoo (Wichita) 40th Birthday!! Cue annoying noisemakers and confetti, but that's not all. Thanks to Dillons, and Kakeland, admission to the zoo this Saturday and Sunday is totally FREE!! How great is that, not only is it free but the first 3,000 guests each day will get a free cupcake to.... yummy! I love the zoo, so this is a great thing. Get's the kids packed, maybe grab some coupons for post zoo shopping ;) and enjoy a free day of fun with the family. For more details on all the great activities they will be doing you can follow this link.

FREE GUM Kid's Toothebrushes @ Dillons

Check your local Dillons for this temporary price cut on children's G-U-M toothebrushes. Some people are finding them for $1, if you use the .55/1 Gum Oral Care product it will double to $1, and you have FREE toothebrushes. Well for kids, but still, even if you don't need it for a free item think of donating it to a local charity.

GUM children's toothebrush (2 pk) - $1
- .55/1 GUM oral care item (SS 8/7) + doubles to $1
Or 0 $1/2 GUM oral care item (SS 8/7)
Final Price: FREE!!!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheap Binders @ Walgreens

This is an update from my trip to Walgreens today. While I was there I noticed they had their 5 Star Binders on sale 33% off, I got a really cute one for my schoolwork for $8. Of course, I used my RR's so it was even less. Also, they had the ones where you color in the covers (it's all different designs that the kids color) for only $4!!! Really some great prices if you're looking for a coupon binder, school binder, or something for the kiddos. I paid twice as much last year for one I didn't even like! Happy hunting everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cambells Chicken Noodle only .48 @ Target!

If you go here you can print off a coupons for $1/5 Campbells Condensed Soups! Target has their Campells Chicken Noodle soup on sale this week for .68 each. Use this coupon with that price and you can get 5 cans for .48 each!!! Winter and Flu season are fast approaching, doesn't hurt to have some good soup on hand.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Stockpile Scott TP & Paper Towels @ Kmart

Kmart is doubling coupons all this week (8/20 - 8/27). The policy may change store to store, but for most stores they are doubling any coupons up to .99, and allow 4 like coupons per transactions. Also, you need to be a Shop Your Way Rewards card member, and if you're not it's free to sign up in the store. Every store may be different so I would suggest calling your local Kmart and asking exactly how they are doing their doubling, how many they will double per item, etc. Okay, now to the deal: If you spend $15 on Scotts Products you will receive $5 off instantly.

Buy 3 Scotts Paper Towels OR Toilet Paper - $5.49 each
use (3) $1/1 Scotts Bath Tissue (SS 8/14)
OR use (3) $1/1 Scott Towels (4 pk +)
Final Price: $8.47 or $2.83 per package!!

Now, I don't think we received that coupon in our area :( However, if you don't mind doing it you can always look at the different coupon clipping sites online and order a few if you would rather. Just be careful of shipping times! Happy hunting everyone

Thanks Not-So-Extreme Couponing (Kmart double event) AND Coupon Connections (Scotts Deal)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clorox Wipes Stackable Coupons @ Target

Today's paper had a .25/1 Clorox Wipes product coupon. Go to and print off their coupon for .75/1 Clorox Wipes. They are on sale this week for $2.39 each, stack your two coupons and you can score some for only $1.39 each!!

Thanks Coupon Mamacita

Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Coupons in the Mail for Your Stockpile

Usually I do a weekly list of things you can get for your stockpile, but I really wasn't that happy with the sales this week. So I'm doing a quick article on mailing companies for coupons. I like using these coupons for my stockpile for a few reasons.
The first is that many times they are a higher value (if not for free products) than the normal coupons you find online, and in the paper. Another reason I like these coupons for stockpile use is they usually have very long expiration dates. Many times for around a year, and in fact I received a couple coupons from a chap stick company that had NO expiration date. It even said that on the coupon! Lastly, I've received coupons in the mail from companies that I haven't found anywhere else.These coupons aren't going to grow your stockpile over night, but they will help give it a leg up.
 Some companies will send you one coupon with either a very high value or a free product. Others will send a few high value coupons only, and still others will send you mix of both free and $ off coupons. Of course use your free product coupons right away to add to your stockpile. My suggestion for the others is to use them at a store that either allows overage. That way you can use them to either get more of the same product within that dollar amount, or use it for other items you may not have coupon for.
Let's say that a soup company sends me 2 $2/1 ANY product coupons for mailing them. My store has a deal going on that soup for 2/$1, and allows overage (they won't adjust the coupon down). I go in, buy four cans for $4, and use my two coupons, and get all four for free! Plus I just got an item for my stockpile I may have gotten for awhile.
So, you may be wondering how you mail, or email, the companies and get these coupons. The way I did it, was I went through my house and wrote down a list of the products we used a lot. Like juice, cookies, diapers, soup, etc. Then I searched for them on the web, found their contact info and emailed the company my compliment, or complaint.
I structure my email this way: I list my compliment or complaint, including a personal story (such as, my son wouldn't drink juice until he tried yours and his favorite flavor is...). I do not ask for coupons! When I first started I did, and many companies merely emailed me back and stated that they had coupons in the local papers. I think the recent influx of people asking for coupons has overloaded the companies ability to send them, and they are saving them for true customers. The only time I make an exception for this is with companies were I have not tried their product. Then I merely contact them, tell them I am interested in trying their product (insert reason). Still I don't ask for coupons, merely where their products are sold, maybe health information things along that line.
Of course not every company has sent me coupons. It's probably 50/50 on whether or not I get some, but I've been happy with the ones I have gotten, and they have helped me cheaply grow my stockpile even faster. Some other quick tips, join Vocalpoint if you haven't already and keep checking their Try and Tell section. Many time they offer free samples, some full sized, or coupon offers. Also, sign up for all the free samples you can find. Many times they will also come with coupons for that product, sometimes for a higher value than you normally find. Another great blog I follow is Couponing to Disney, and she will put out the contact info for 5 companies every weekday, called 5 A Day.
Remember to get creative on ways to grow your stockpile and reap the rewards of a grocery store *wink* in your home. Be honest, have fun, and happy bargain hunting for everyone!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best of Menards (8.14 - 8.28)

It's been awhile since I've seen a Menards ad in the Sunday paper, and frankly I've been missing them, luckily for us there was a new one this Sunday. As usual I've compiled their best rebate deals under $10. Just a reminder that these prices reflect the rebate, and that these rebates are through the mail and take 4-6 weeks to arrive at your door, and come in the form of in-store credit. Think of Menards rebates as a form of Register Rewards from Walgreens, the point is to acquire them and keep using them week to week to keep your out of pocket expense down after the initial trips.

  • 4 pk Fan light bulbs - $3 - $3 mail in rebate = FREE (after rebate) (limit 2 packs per household)
  • Shopper's Bags - .98 each - .98 rebate = Free (limit 10 bags per household)
  • Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion - 6.8 oz $5 -$5 rebate = Free AND 13.5 oz $8 - $8 rebate = Free (limit six bottles of EACH size per household) if you wanted to you could get 12 bottles of FREE lotion!!! you pay out of pocket but you'll get it all back
  • Hand Sanitizer - $1 - $1 rebate (limit 5 bottles per household)
  • Rain Poncho - $3 - $3 rebate (limit 2 per household)
  • 2" Hand clamp - $4.50 - $4.50 rebate = Free (limit 2 clamps per household)
  • Multi-Purpose Rope - $4.99 - $4 rebate = .99 each (limit 4 per household)
  • Water Filter Replacement Cartridges, 2 different kinds - $2.99 each - $2 rebate = Free (limit 1 of each kind per household)
  • Fiberglass Replacement Screen - $3.99 each - $2 rebate = $1.99 each ( limit 4 rolls per household)
  • All Purpose Shop Wipes - $5.99 - $4 rebate = $1.99 each (limit 2 containers per household)
  • Mold-X Deep Stain Remover - $9.98 - $5 rebate = $4.48 each ( limit 4 bottles per household)
I have to admit that the out of pocket cost for all that lotion would be a lot, but for 12 bottles of FREE lotion (and good stuff to) it is mighty tempting. On another note, in case your wondering what the hey to do with that free tool they always seem to throw in there somewhere, think Christmas. By themselves these tools aren't impressive, but put them together in a basket...... well it could be a great gift for the DIYers in your family.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Huggies Slip-On $4.49 @ Walgreens

Walgreens is running a register reward deal this week on their Huggies Slip-On that will allow you to get a pack for $4.49.
Buy one Huggies Slipon package - $9.49
- $3/1 coupon (SS 8/14)
Pay: $6.49
Receive $2 RR
Final Price: $4.49!!

Just remember that Walgreens give 1 RR per item, per transaction, and will not give you another one if you use the RR you received for the first pack on another. So if you want more than one package and the RR they must be in seperate transactions, and don't use your $2 RR from previous packs. If you have other RR's from other products though feel free to use those instead!!

Cheap Curious George DVD's

Go to and look under zip code 90210 for the $3/2 Curious George DVD's. Head to your nearest Target and check their prices, some people are finding DVD's there for $5 each, or on price cut for $7 each. Use your coupon to score some early Christmas or Birthday gifts!!

Thanks Totally Target

Sunday, August 14, 2011

FREE sample DenTek Floss Picks

Go Here and register. Once you do that fill out the short survey (it's very simple) and enter PROMO Code FPAUG to receive your FREE sample!!!

Thanks Coupon Connections

Staples BIC pens B2G1 FREE

Just found out through Staples FB page that from now until September 3rd when you buy 2 Bic products you will get 1 FREE!! They will also have donation boxes set out for any extras you may get. Facebook is a great way to find deals sometimes. Be sure to "like" any pages, or products you like, and you can get anything from coupons to exclusive deals.

Friday, August 12, 2011

$15 Stockpile list for 8.12.11

My list is from Walmart this week, so I'm going to give a quick couple of tips and warnings before I begin the list. First, remember that Walmart prices vary a lot sometimes from region to region, so what may be $1 for me might be $1.50 for you, or vice-versa. The second thing about Walmart, is that I suggest you take their coupon policy with you when you go. I have heard, and read quite a few complaints from couponers who have had bad experiences there, and it's mostly due to the store employees lack of knowledge on their own policy. I have not had any bad experiences myself, but it could happen to anybody, at any store really. Okay, enough of that, onto the good part!
24ct Advil - $2 
Final Price: FREE

Dial Lotion (Travel Size) - .97
Final Price: FREE (love these little bottles for my purse and car:)

4 boxes NesCafe Taster instant coffee sticks - $1.12 each
Final Price: .94 all four

2 Coffeemate original sticks (7ct) - .98 each
Final Price: .86 for both

4 Crest Kids toothepaste - .97 each
- (4) .50/1 coupon (P/G insert 7/31)(coupon states limit four like coupons per transaction)
Final Price: $1.88 all four

4 Air Wick Room Spray - .97 each
Final Price: $1.88 all four

4 Nesquick Powder (7 servings) - $1
- (4) .50/1 coupon (RP 6/5)
Final Price: $2

2 Milka Chocolate Bars - $1.74 each
Final Price: $1.48 both

4 20 oz bottles Sun Drop Soda - $1.48 each
Final Price: $2.28 all four

4 Tidy Cats Cat Litter (small bags) - $1.77 each
Final Price: $3.08

Grand Total: $14.40 before taxes!! 
As usual, I made this list based off of my own needs and wants for my house and stockpile, so feel free to tweek and substitute anything you'd like. I make these lists because I like to share the deals I find, and because I want to show how a little money each week can turn into a large stockpile quickly! You don't have to spend an extra $100 every week trying to out do the Krazy Coupon Lady's pile. Remember that everyone you may, or may not have, seen on that show had been doing this for awhile. 
One more thing I wanted to mention that Dillons is also having another! great deal on Colgate toothepaste this week. It's on sale for .88 a box, and if you use the .50/1 Any Colgate toothepaste coupon, it will double to a dollar. That makes that deal a .12 MM!!! Happy hunting everyone :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

FREE Classic Pectin @ Walmart & Kmart

If you are a canner, and I would suggest you look into if you're already couponing then consider canning for extra savings, then this is the deal for you! Here are two different places you can score some FREE canning classic Pectin. Just remember that Walmart prices vary (sometimes great!) from area to area and store to store.

Ball Real Fruit Pectin 4 oz (Walmart) - .97
- $1/1 Ball Pectin from SS 6/12
Final Price: FREE with .03 MM

Ball Real Fruit Pectin 4 oz (Kmart) - .99
- $1/1 Ball Pectin from SS 6/12
Final Price: FREE

Thanks Coupon Connections

FREE Cogate toothepaste @ Dillons (yes again!)

So, once again Colgate Cavity protection toothepaste is FREE @ Dillons !!!! This deal just keeps going I guess :) They are on sale for .88 each, use the .50/1 Any Colgate toothepaste coupon that came out recently. It will double to a $1, and Viola! free toothepaste. Plus depending on your store policy, you can get .12 overage!!! I just bought some yesterday, and since my order was more than that (I had to get some staple without coupons), they didn't adjust the coupon. YIPPEE for me ! Either way, it's a great deal, and with all this free toothepaste happening this month your mouth won't stink for years, ha ha.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FREE Oxi-Clean Stain Fighter poweder @ Rite Aid

This deal is a little confusing, and relies entirely on +Up Rewards. Unfortunately, I don't have a Rite Aid in my area so I can't test this one for myself. My advice, go in try the deal 1 time, if it works, go back and get however many you want. +Up Rewards are like Register Rewards and Catalinas rolled into one.

It's being reported that when you buy 2 Oxi Clean Stain Remover 24 oz (this kind and size only!) that people are not only getting a $2 +UpReward, but also (2) $1 Up rewards. So here is how you can use this deal to get 2 containers FREE after Up Rewards

Buy 2 Oxi Clean Stain Remover 24oz powder containers - $3.50 each
- $3/2 Oxi Clean stain remover (SS 7/24)
Out of Pocket Expense: $4
Receive: $2, and (2) $1 Up Rewards
Final Price: FREE after rewards

I am not sure if we got that coupon or not. I didn't bring my binder with me tonight ( I know... a bad girl is me), but we did get some recently, or you can order from a clipping service. I have used some in the past, and I have been satisfied with my experience.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scotch Bright Botanical Wipes Rebate Offer + Coupon

 3M has come out with a new .50/1 Scotch Brite disinfecting wipes printable coupon, and a rebate offer that when you buy 3 they will send you a refund for 1. Walmart sells these for $1.62 each; unfortunately the 3M coupon states that you can only use 1 a day. Luckily for us there is the same coupon on So here is the scenario for you.

Buy 3 Scotch Brite disinfecting wipes @ Walmart - $1.62 each
- (1) .50/1 3M printable coupon
- (2) .50/1 printable coupon (
Out of Pocket price: $3.36
Receive rebate for $1.12
Final Price: .75 each!!!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

FREE Cookbook from Sunmaid

Go here to request your FREE Fall Favorites cookbook from Sun-Maid. Fill out the short form and allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. I always love free cookbooks, you never know when you will find a great new recipe!!!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Monkey Brains Hair products MM @ Walgreens

This is an unadvertised Register Reward deal @ Walgreens that is good until August 27th on Monkey Brains Hair Care Products. When you buy one you will receive a $2 RR. Here are some different ways you could do this deal.

Monkey Brains Hair Glue and Pomade - $1.09 regular price
Receive $2 RR
Final Price: Make .91!!!

Monkey Brains Extreme Hold hair gel - $2.19 regular price
Receive $2 RR
Final Price: .19 each

As with all RR deals you have to remember that you will pay out of pocket to start with, then receive the RR. Also they only give out one RR per transaction, so if you want multiples you have to do multiple transactions, and/or come back on different days and buy more.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Friday, August 5, 2011

FREE sample Purina Beautiful Dog food

There is a free sample of Purina Beautiful dogfood on Keep in mind that many samples come with coupons!!!

Thanks Coupon Divas

Great under $1 deals @ Walmart

With the new PG insert that came out there are a few hot deals that are under $1!!

Kids Crest Toothepaste - .97 each
- .50/1 Kids crest toothepast (7/31 PG insert)
Final Price: .47 each

Dawn Dish Detergeant - .98
- .50/1 PG insert
Final Price: .48 each

IAMS Buy 4 @ $1.28 each
- B3G1 PG insert 7/31
Final Price: .96 each

Cascade PowerPacs (travel size) - .97
- $1/1 PG insert 7/31
Final Price: -.03 MM

Tide detergeant (travel size) - $1
- $1/1 tide detergeant
Final Price: FREE

Thursday, August 4, 2011

.49 Rimmel Eye Shadow @ Target

If you go to Rimmel's Facebook page and "like" them you can get a $2/1 Any Rimmel Product!!! Go into Target and these have these little singles for $2.49, use your coupon and your final price is only .49!!! I really love the great makeup coupons, how about you :)

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Drugstore Stockpile $20 (8.3.11)

I'm doing something a little different this week with the stockpile list, I am going to do a list from a drugstore. Walgreens, actually, and I'm doing 2 transactions. If you are not familiar with, or are slightly intimidated by, Walgreens and their Register Rewards I will do a brief explanation. When you look through a Walgreens ad, you will notice that sometimes they will list the price, then below write - $$ Register Reward then underneath that, Like Paying $$. Any you're wondering, what is a Register Reward (RR for short), and what does "Like Paying" mean??
A RR is a type of Walgreens only catalina, or a type coupon that prints at the register, that is Walgreens specific. You can then reuse that RR, in the place of cash on your next transaction. Walgreens does not give out overage though, and will not adjust price so check your math and make sure you have enough in your cart to cover all your coupons and RRs though. I will give you an example in the stockpile list I made for this week, so here we go!
Transaction 1
Gillette PrFusion gift box - $9.99
- $4/1 Gillette ProFusion Razor - 7/31 PG insert
Final Price: $5.99 (receive $5 RR)

Crayola washable markers - $2
Receive $2 RR

Goody hair Snap Clips - $2
Receive $2 RR

Total for trans 1 = $10 out of pocket 
Receive $9 RRs

Transaction 2

Gillette Profusion gift box - $9.99
- $4/1 gillette profusion razor (7/31 PG insert)
Final Price: $5.99
Receive $5 RR

Crayola Washable Marker - $2
Receive $2 RR

4 Dawn dish detergeants - .99 each
- (4) .25/1 dawn dish soap (7/31 PG)
Final Price: $2.96 for 4

Total Price for trans. 2: $11
Receive $7 RRs

Total out of pocket expense: $21
Receive $16 in RR's

That's like paying only $5 total! This means that next week when their sales start you can take your $16 in Register Rewards and use them on other sale items, essentially gaining yourself an extra $16 in stockpile money that is not coming out of your pocket! Just remember that to continue receiving the RRs there are some rules: 1. You will get one per transaction (buy 1 item receive 1 RR, buy 2 items still only get 1 RR), 2. You cannot "roll" over your RRs on the same product. This means if you get a $5 RR for a razor, if you use that RR on your second transaction that contains another one of those razors, you will NOT get another RR. 3. No overage is paid @ Walgreens, so plan your trip well, and be ready with a few filler items.
I know that some couponing sites will offer you a breakdown of multiple transactions, using your RR's on the spot, and spending very little out of pocket. This is a wonderful concept, and I encourage you to try this to see if you like it, the Krazy Coupon Lady does one every week, for many of the drugstores not just Walgreens. My problem with this is that my store is so often sold out of the RR deals that it completely messes up everything!!! Making me spend MORE out of pocket, just because it throws me off. So I prefer to just spend more that first week, and just keep my RR's and use them next week instead. Actually after your initial visit you will spend very little, to nothing out of pocket from then on using you RR's.
Remember either way is fine, it's all about what works the best for you!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

.97 olay bar soap & Satin Shave Gel @ Target

Check your Target for their Olay White Bar Soap singles for .97. Combine that with the coupon that came out in last sunday P&G insert for 1 free Satin shave gel wyb 1 Olay bodywash, bar, or hand/body lotion (limit 4 per transaction). Used together you can score both items for only .97!!!! That is awesome, remember that the P&G coupons all have a limit of 4 like coupons per transaction. So if you want more than 4 of these divide up your transaction.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Deal on Gillette Gift Box @ Walgreens

This Gillette Fusion gift box comes with all you see above and $7 worth of coupons. Plus people are reporting that it's also printing out the $4 RR when you buy one!!
Gillette Gift Basket - $9.99
- $4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor
Final Price: $5.99 + $4 RR (and coupons in set)
Like paying .99!!
These make great gifts for the guys in your life, and if you want the coupons out of it just take out the products and arrange in a basket you have. Or baskets are always on sale somewhere, buy some on clearance, tie on a bow, and voila! a gift basket that makes everyone happy!

Thanks Wild For Wags

New P&G coupon booklet

If you go here , and register, you can sign up to receive P&G new booklet filled with coupons for their products!! They had an earlier book that came with coupons that don't expire until 10/31, so these are good coupons that last longer than their insert coupons. Most are home products, cleaning and air freshners.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

.40 Revlon Tweezers @ Walgreens

Under zip 90210 there is a $1/1 revlon tool coupon, print this off and use it with the Walgreens coupon (in their August booklet) $1/1 Revlon tweezers. Final price is only .49!!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady

Disney lunch bags $6 W/ FREE shipping

You can get these super cute Disney lunch bags for only $6, and use this code SCHOOLSHIP for FREE shipping!!! You can also get Disney backpacks for only $12, use the code for your free shipping. Go here to get this awesome deal.