Thursday, September 1, 2011

$20 P&G Stockpile 9.1.11

Dillons is having a great P&G specific sale this week!! When you buy and 4 participating P&G items you get $4 off. So this list does not contain any food items, but cleaning supplies, health and beauty items and the rest are usually more expensive anyways! All items on this list are from the Buy 4 Get $4 off deal, so remember if you want to tweek the list a little to buy in multiples of four AND that all P&G coupons are "limit 4 like coupons per transaction".
4 Dawn dish detergent - $1.99 sale
- .50/1 Dawn product doubles to $1
  Final Price: $3.96 for all four (.99 each)

4 Secret or Old Spice deodorants - .99 sale
- $1/2 Secret deodorant
Final Price: $1.96 for all four (.49 each)

4 Gillette Body Wash - $1.99 each
- $1/1 Gillette body wash
Final Price: $3.96 for all four (.99 each)

4 Febreeze air effects or set & refresh - $1.99
- $1/1 febreeze air effects
OR - $1/1 febreeze set & refresh
Final Price: $3.96 for all four (.99 each)

2 Aussie Shampoo + 2 Aussie conditioner - $1.99
- $1/1 Aussie shampoo or conditioner
Final Price: $3.96 for all four (.99 each) 

Grand Total: $17.90!!

The four shampoo and conditioners can you the same price as all of this if you pay full retail! What a wonderful deal. Hopefully they will run this sale for two weeks, as I've noticed that Dillons seems to do with these sales. I went entirely off of the ad, but you might want to take all your P&G coupons with you, because I'm sure there are more products on sale they did not include. All these coupons, except for the Aussie q, came from the P&G insert that came out last Sunday. Have a great day everyone, and happy bargain hunting.


  1. It's Heather. Got The Computer Up & Running. I Went To Dillons & Walgreens Today.

    (2 Dawn Dish Soaps, 4 Febreeze Set&Refresh, 4 Oldspice Body Washes, 4 Twin Packs Of Deodorant & 2 Amp Energy Drinks For $19.06)

    (2 Downy 40 load Fabric Softener,2pks Of Energizer Batteries, 7 Carmex Lip Balms, 3 Bottles Of NyQuil, 1 Bottle Of DayQuil, 6 Laffy Taffys & 20oz Mt.Dew For $16.23)

    I'm Getting A Bit Better @ Stock Piling.

  2. That's awesome!! I'm a Downy addict since I don't have dishwasher so I've already got 4, and plan on going back and getting more, especially since the Downy Hand Renewel variety is included in the sale! There is a .75/1 for that kind that will double to $1, and it's expensive stuff!! It's a bargain to get the big bottles for a $1

  3. Oh I Love Dawn Also & We Use So Much Dish Soap Since We Also Don't Have A DishWasher & Have A Total Of 5 Adults, 2 Babies & 2 Children In Our House. I Picked Up 4 More Bottles Of It Today & 3 Of Those Were The Renewal Kinds. Yes $1 Is Awesome For The Size The Bottle Is.