Saturday, January 7, 2012

(DEAD) Amazon Deal of The Day: At Least 50% off H&R Block Home Tax Software


Just in time for tax season, Amazon has come out with their Deal of the Day! At least 50% off of select boxed, and download versions of H&R Block At Home tax software! I picked the cheapest one, it's 51% off, just for an example for everyone. The price was about the same that I pay a website (Taxslayer) every year to do mine, so not a bad deal. This was the cheapest H&R Block At Home 2011 Deluxe - 6.99 Save 8!!6.99 Save 86.99 Save 86.99 Save 6.99  ( ignore the wonky link, I can't seem to make it normal). It's $16.99, and you save $18. Take your time, see what, if any of them, you would use/need, and see if it's cheaper for you to go this route. Happy bargain hunting everyone.

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