Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 7 Tips to Survive A Bad Checkout

We’ve all heard the horror stories, even if it’s never happened to us. A nasty cashier who sneers at your coupons, a coupon that won’t scan when you KNOW it’s right, a manager that treats their customer badly, yep we’ve heard those stories. Personally, I cringe a little reading other’s bad experiences, and then think. What would I do in that situation? With the help of some suggestions by fans, and other coupon group members, I’ve come up with 7 tips to help you through, if it should ever happen to you!
1.       Knowledge Is Power- Know your stores coupon policy! Print it off if you can find it online, or ask the store for a copy, and keep it with you when you shop. Many store employees are not as knowledgeable about their coupon policy as you are, so have the proof to back up your words. Of course along that same line is……
2.       Know Your Coupon- Always carefully, and fully, read the verbiage on the coupon. That way if there is an issue with it scanning, you KNOW that it is correct! Neither of these matter though if you don’t…..
3.       Stand Your Ground- You know the stores policy (and you have the paper to prove it), you know you used the coupon in the correct way, so don’t be afraid to speak up! You are the paying customer, and you have the right for the store to honor its own policy. There is a right way to do it and that’s to…..
4.       Remain Calm- I know it’s hard, the blood starts pumping, your palms get sweaty, and you get defensive. Just take a deep breath, and keep an even tone. If you become confrontational, defensive, or aggressive the employees with follow you lead. On the flip side of that is to….
5.       Do Not Sink to Their Level- For whatever reason you will occasionally find someone who will be rude, confrontational, or even aggressive with you over this! It’s very hard to take the high road in that situation, but if you don’t you are only validating every misconception they have about you already. Maybe they’ll calm down, maybe they won’t, but you can be proud of your actions. Plus you always know that you can….
6.       Go Higher Up the Food Chain- If it’s a cashier (or they seem unsure what to do), ask for the manager. That’s what they’re there for, the customers and their needs! If it’s a problem with the manager, find the number for their corporate office. Don’t be afraid to send an email, lodge a formal complaint, or even (I read about one woman doing this!) call right there in the checkout lane. Again, that’s what they are there for, you, the customer. Sometimes, no matter what, you have to……
7.       Be Prepared to Walk Away- Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, for one reason or another the problem can’t be resolved. In that case you have to be ready to walk away. I’ll admit that this step is the hardest for me, and I’m still working on it (luckily I haven’t had to work on it often). Just remember that you came for a deal, and unless it’s worth it without the coupon, then you don’t want it. It will go on sale again, and you will get it then!
So there it is; my top 7 tips to survive a disastrous checkout. If you’ve got another tip to share, please feel free, we all have our little tricks we use to get through. Hey, if you’ve got a story about a bad checkout, tell that too! Hope this helps, and happy bargain hunting everyone!

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