Monday, December 26, 2011

Best of Menards 12/26/11

It's been awhile since I've done a post for Menards so we'll quickly cover a couple of things about them. They accept coupons, run regular sales, and offer in-store rebates. For rebate items you will receive a voucher on the end of you receipt (so save it!) you'll then go online, or mail it in. 4-6 weeks after that you will receive a Rebate check in the mail good for the amount of rebates you turned in. A little slower than other stores methods, but they offer a wide variety of products. From home improvement, pet, toys, and food items. These rebates can add up quickly, and after shopping there for a month or two you should be able to start using your rebates to buy more rebate items, and potentially shop for free from then out! 
Okay, on to the best of their ad!

Sale from 12/26 - 1/1/12

Boot Tray - $2.50 - $2.50 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 2 trays per household)

Clear Safety Glasses - $2 - $2 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 3 pairs per household)

Mini Storage Bins - .50 - .50 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 10 bins per household)

20 pc Super Hooks - $3 - $3 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 4 boxes per household)

7 pc. Hex key set - $2.50 - $2.50 rebate = Free after rebate ( limit 2 sets per household)

2 pk. mouse traps - .50 - .50 rebate = Free after rebate (limit fifteen 2 pks per household)

Glass watering sphere - $2 - $2 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 4 spheres per household)

Hinge pin door stop - .75 - .75 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 6 door stops per household)

10 pk. door stop - $5 - $5 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 10 pks per household)

20" Irwin Hand Saw - $10 - $10 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 2 saws per household)

Deluxe hinge pin door stop - $2 - $2 rebate = Free after rebate (limit 4 door stops per household)

Crystal dish soap - $1.29 - $1 rebate = .29 after rebate (limit 2 bottles per household)

Remember that you will pay full price out of pocket, and then use your rebates (when you get them in the mail) on the your next purchase after receiving them. Again, this will not happen immediately like Walgreens, but if you have the patience it could be a great money saving idea down the road. As usual there are many other rebates offered in the ad, I just choose the freebies, and cheapies for you. I suggest reading their entire ad, especially if you are in the process of remodeling, or plan on it. Happy bargain hunting everyone!

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