Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exciting Changes Coming!

While I know it seems I've given little thought to this blog over these past few months the exact opposite is the truth. As some you know I work full-time, have a toddler, and attend online college full-time. My school schedule has picked up this semester, and for the foreseeable future, and I've had to reevaluate my goals for this blog, and what is plausible for me with the time I have.
What does this mean for Kansas Coupons? Well, I'm going to tell you! From now until February of 2012 I will be making many changes to the blog. Here are a few:
  • I will be changing over to a hosted site - I've heard stories of bloggers on blogspot being shutdown with no reason given and do not want this to happen! Also, I will have more freedom to add pages, themes, and well, everything!
  • I will no longer be able to do the many deals that are posted everyday - Frankly there are many other great sites you can go to to find these, and I no longer have the time it takes to do this. Keep reading though, and I'll tell what I will do!
  • I will be focusing more on "couponing" itself - I've noticed a lack of help for beginners, and explanation of the many things that go along with couponing on other sites. I intend to fill this void, and not just for beginners but for veterans also.
  • I will be doing reviews - I will do coupon site reviews, reviews on the things needed and helpful to couponing, books, space saving items for stockpiles, and anything else that touches on coupons and couponing.
  • I will make an in-depth beginners guide - While many sites offer a beginners page, many just cover the same same basics over and over again. I would like to cover more so that my beginners page can be a one-stop spot for new couponers!
  • I will still do the Best of Menards and Couponing posts - I don't ever see Menards really mentioned on the other sites, and love the rebate program offered at their store. Of course what would a blog be without great content!
  • Things I might do - Begin a Youtube channel with helpful videos, add a forum for coupon exchanges and for people to meet and talk all things coupons.
These are my thoughts on the improved site, and some I will begin doing immediately. Like the Best of Menards, and couponing posts. I will also still share great deals I find online. Right now I'm in the planning stage of this change, and in January I will begin getting my domain name, hosting company, and designing the page. Hopefully (fingers crossed) February will see the new and improved Kansas Coupons site!!!! I'm so excited to do this, and hope that all of you will enjoy the new site that much more. If you have any ideas, or suggestions on what you would love to see on the new site Let Me Know! I want your input, and want to make this a site that addresses YOUR needs, especially if it's something you're not finding elsewhere. Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!  

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