Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drugstore Stockpile $20 (8.3.11)

I'm doing something a little different this week with the stockpile list, I am going to do a list from a drugstore. Walgreens, actually, and I'm doing 2 transactions. If you are not familiar with, or are slightly intimidated by, Walgreens and their Register Rewards I will do a brief explanation. When you look through a Walgreens ad, you will notice that sometimes they will list the price, then below write - $$ Register Reward then underneath that, Like Paying $$. Any you're wondering, what is a Register Reward (RR for short), and what does "Like Paying" mean??
A RR is a type of Walgreens only catalina, or a type coupon that prints at the register, that is Walgreens specific. You can then reuse that RR, in the place of cash on your next transaction. Walgreens does not give out overage though, and will not adjust price so check your math and make sure you have enough in your cart to cover all your coupons and RRs though. I will give you an example in the stockpile list I made for this week, so here we go!
Transaction 1
Gillette PrFusion gift box - $9.99
- $4/1 Gillette ProFusion Razor - 7/31 PG insert
Final Price: $5.99 (receive $5 RR)

Crayola washable markers - $2
Receive $2 RR

Goody hair Snap Clips - $2
Receive $2 RR

Total for trans 1 = $10 out of pocket 
Receive $9 RRs

Transaction 2

Gillette Profusion gift box - $9.99
- $4/1 gillette profusion razor (7/31 PG insert)
Final Price: $5.99
Receive $5 RR

Crayola Washable Marker - $2
Receive $2 RR

4 Dawn dish detergeants - .99 each
- (4) .25/1 dawn dish soap (7/31 PG)
Final Price: $2.96 for 4

Total Price for trans. 2: $11
Receive $7 RRs

Total out of pocket expense: $21
Receive $16 in RR's

That's like paying only $5 total! This means that next week when their sales start you can take your $16 in Register Rewards and use them on other sale items, essentially gaining yourself an extra $16 in stockpile money that is not coming out of your pocket! Just remember that to continue receiving the RRs there are some rules: 1. You will get one per transaction (buy 1 item receive 1 RR, buy 2 items still only get 1 RR), 2. You cannot "roll" over your RRs on the same product. This means if you get a $5 RR for a razor, if you use that RR on your second transaction that contains another one of those razors, you will NOT get another RR. 3. No overage is paid @ Walgreens, so plan your trip well, and be ready with a few filler items.
I know that some couponing sites will offer you a breakdown of multiple transactions, using your RR's on the spot, and spending very little out of pocket. This is a wonderful concept, and I encourage you to try this to see if you like it, the Krazy Coupon Lady does one every week, for many of the drugstores not just Walgreens. My problem with this is that my store is so often sold out of the RR deals that it completely messes up everything!!! Making me spend MORE out of pocket, just because it throws me off. So I prefer to just spend more that first week, and just keep my RR's and use them next week instead. Actually after your initial visit you will spend very little, to nothing out of pocket from then on using you RR's.
Remember either way is fine, it's all about what works the best for you!!!

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