Friday, August 26, 2011

$15 Stockpile list (8.26.11)

Okay so this list will include 2 stores: Walmart and Dillons. There are two free things we can get @ Dillons, and Walmart has a great cat food deal going, so I will admit that a lot of the cost in this list is from that. If you don't have cats though that leave you some wiggle room to put something else in there. As I've said, this is a list of things I actually will get for myself, although I sometimes put in products I don't use, but know others doFirst we'll list the two freebies from Dillons this week. One coupon I don't believe we got (I don't have it) so you might have to order it. Or trade for it.


Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy- $1
- .75/1 coupon (RP 7/25) will double to $1
Final Price: FREE

GUM Kids Toothebrush (2pk) - $1
-.55/1 coupon will double to $1
Final Price: FREE

15 Purina One Beyond Cat Food (small size) - $2.57
- $2/1 Any Purina One cat food (SS 8/21)
Final Price: $5.70 for 15 (.57 each) (I told you it was a lot of cat food)

4 French's Honey Mustard - $1.50 each
-.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $3 for all four (.75 each)

10 Viva Single Roll Paper Towels - $1
- .40/1 coupon (Expires 8/28 )
Final Price: $6 (.60 each)

Total Cost: $14.70 pre-tax

Normally I would try to have more items on my list, but with 2 products for free I allowed myself to get more of a couple items I really need in my home. Warning! The coupon for the Viva paper towels expires on the 28th of this month, this Sunday! So if you want that item you gotta hustle a little.

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