Friday, August 12, 2011

$15 Stockpile list for 8.12.11

My list is from Walmart this week, so I'm going to give a quick couple of tips and warnings before I begin the list. First, remember that Walmart prices vary a lot sometimes from region to region, so what may be $1 for me might be $1.50 for you, or vice-versa. The second thing about Walmart, is that I suggest you take their coupon policy with you when you go. I have heard, and read quite a few complaints from couponers who have had bad experiences there, and it's mostly due to the store employees lack of knowledge on their own policy. I have not had any bad experiences myself, but it could happen to anybody, at any store really. Okay, enough of that, onto the good part!
24ct Advil - $2 
Final Price: FREE

Dial Lotion (Travel Size) - .97
Final Price: FREE (love these little bottles for my purse and car:)

4 boxes NesCafe Taster instant coffee sticks - $1.12 each
Final Price: .94 all four

2 Coffeemate original sticks (7ct) - .98 each
Final Price: .86 for both

4 Crest Kids toothepaste - .97 each
- (4) .50/1 coupon (P/G insert 7/31)(coupon states limit four like coupons per transaction)
Final Price: $1.88 all four

4 Air Wick Room Spray - .97 each
Final Price: $1.88 all four

4 Nesquick Powder (7 servings) - $1
- (4) .50/1 coupon (RP 6/5)
Final Price: $2

2 Milka Chocolate Bars - $1.74 each
Final Price: $1.48 both

4 20 oz bottles Sun Drop Soda - $1.48 each
Final Price: $2.28 all four

4 Tidy Cats Cat Litter (small bags) - $1.77 each
Final Price: $3.08

Grand Total: $14.40 before taxes!! 
As usual, I made this list based off of my own needs and wants for my house and stockpile, so feel free to tweek and substitute anything you'd like. I make these lists because I like to share the deals I find, and because I want to show how a little money each week can turn into a large stockpile quickly! You don't have to spend an extra $100 every week trying to out do the Krazy Coupon Lady's pile. Remember that everyone you may, or may not have, seen on that show had been doing this for awhile. 
One more thing I wanted to mention that Dillons is also having another! great deal on Colgate toothepaste this week. It's on sale for .88 a box, and if you use the .50/1 Any Colgate toothepaste coupon, it will double to a dollar. That makes that deal a .12 MM!!! Happy hunting everyone :)

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