Thursday, June 23, 2011

$15 Stockpile list for week 6-23

Okay so here is another example of what you could get with only $15 of your grocery budget dedicated to growing your stockpile. I know that last time I used $20 but if you consider that weekly that's still $80 extra a months, so I decided to trim it back a little. So here is my list:

$15 stockpile list

Dollar General:
Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser - regular price: $10 (buy 2)
use (2) $5/1 Dollar General Coupon
AND use (2) $3/1 Mfg. Coupon
= $2 each
Total for DG trip= $4

O-Cell-O sponges - .94 for 2 pk (8 pkg.s)
$1/2 coupon (printable coupon)
= .54 each (8 pkg)   equals $4.48 for 8 double packs of sponges

Original Rotel - .98 can (4 cans)
use .30/1 coupon
= .68 can (4)  equals $2.72 for four cans

Cheese Nips - $1 box (6 boxes)
use $1/2 Nabisco Cookie or Crackers (6-19 SS insert)
= .50 box (6)    equals $3 for 6 boxes

Grand Total for Both Stores = $15 
This is a pre-tax total so it will be a bit higher than $15. This list includes 20 items, and when you consider that the Dollar General trip along should have cost $20 that is huge savings!! Again you may not like some of the products I've listed, or need them. Not to mention you may have a better deal on something else in your area, so feel free to tweak this list to fit YOUR needs. I just wanted to do this to show what a little bit of money a week could REALLY do for a stock-pile.

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