Saturday, June 11, 2011

1st Ever Post and What I Hope For This Blog

Hello everyone, this is literally my first ever blog post. I have never had a blog, on anything, and I've never posted anything. Heck until I started this couponing thing I had barely even read any blogs lol. Which leads into why I started this blog.

First we'll go back about three years when the economy turned to a suckonomy. Both my fiance and I were working full-time, and while they weren't the highest paying jobs they weren't minimum wage either. Then he got laid off, and a few months later I found out I was pregnant. Time passed and jobs remained scarce until he finally took a part-time job before the unemployment ran out. Again not terrible pay, but the hours were half of what they used to be. This lead me on a path to find ways to save money, as it did for a lot of other people also.

Unsatisfied with a lot of things I read, which all basically told me the same things over again in different ways, I was watching t.v. one night when..... you guessed I saw an episode of TLC's "Extreme Couponing." So started my path to my future stockpile, and getting a handle on my grocery bills. Which were becoming outrageous no matter what I tried.

So here I am four weeks later, which a small (but growing) stockpile in my backroom and a pink argyle binder full of coupons. Can I just say that I love doing this. It's fun! I like the way my stockpile is growing, and how i'm getting more bang for my buck in the grocery store. Now, I follow some really good blogs, from ladie's who really know their coupons. My problem is, for small town Kansas, parts of it are not relevant for us. Yes they do the match ups for the bigger chains, and that's nice, but they can't get all these little mom and pop stores in our rural areas. I've also noticed on some of the bigger "super stores" like Target, Walmart, etc. that some things don't match and must be regional.

So I started this blog, and made a Facebook page, with the hopes of starting a kindof Kansas Coupon Coop, where we all get together and share the best deals we've found, where we found them, store coupon policies and tips and tricks to this game they call couponing! So let me know what you think, follow my blog, "like" my Facebook page and working together we CAN make this work and show them all how it's done in Kansas!!!!

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