Monday, June 20, 2011

$4.02 Money Maker at CVS

Okay, you actually don't need any coupons for this one (again I wish I had a CVS). I actually read about this deal earlier, but it was on a site that I don't know and didn't really credit it. Since then another site that I do trust and use a lot, Thank you Extremely Normal Couponing, had someone go try it and it worked for them. This will take some out of pocket expense but the reward is good. Sooooo here's the deal:
Here’s the scenario:
Promotion: Buy 2 Hawaiian Tropic (excludes baby)  get $10 ECB.
Buy 2 Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm – $2.99 each
Pay $5.98 out of pocket, get $10 ECB.
Final: $4.02 MONEYMAKER!
I found these on one of the end caps that had sunscreen, and they were along the edges of the end cap. Ask the associates there if you can’t find them.
Again thanks Extremely Normal Couponing

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