Friday, July 1, 2011

What Your $55 In June Stockpiling Did For You

Okay, so i've been posting my little stockpile lists for everyone to show what a little bit of money can do for your stockpile for about 3 weeks. I knew when I started this that I would do something at the end of every month to show how much it REALLY adds up to. I debated whether I should wait until I actually had 4 weeks of stuff, or go by the calender, in the end I choose to follow the calender month. So here's a broad overview, if you want an in depth look you can re-read my older posts. Trust me I looked at the list and it will make you go cross-eyed if I listed every individual thing.
 So, I did $20 lists for 2 weeks and a $15 list the next making the total spent for the month $55.
When I added up all the items it came to 90 items total. Which adds up to around .61 per item!
That is awesome when you figure there are some HIGH $$$ items in there :)
I know, blah blah get to the good stuff :) Here's the breakdown even more: You would have 61 food items
(including candy, condiments, quickmeals, and staples), 16 household items and not just cleaning items,
and 13 Health and Beauty items 11 of which were FREE!!!! How awesome is that?!?!

Even I am surprised by the amount of stuff that was bought with that little bit of money. I'm super excited to see how July tally's up in the end after doing 4 weeks! I hope everyone finds my weekly Stockpile Lists helpful, and remember that prices can vary, you may not want what I want, or you might have a better deal. That's Okay! I just want to give people an idea of what their money can do for them. Below are the links to my previous Stockpile posts (some of these prices are still valid)

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